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Non-Traditional Days

Students and Parents,

Thank you for visiting our "Weather Work" webpage.  If we have to be off school this year because of weather, we would like to encourage you to complete some of the activities listed on these pages to keep your mind active when school is not in session.  These activities are listed by grade level at each school and are the same thing that teachers are sending home to you.  This page is a resource for you to locate the information in the event you misplace the hard copy you are getting from your child's teacher. 

Across the district we are asking that students track the number of hours spent on the various activities your children do on weather days.  Simply record the type of activity your child completes and the number of hours spent doing the activities.  You can use our "Weather Work" tracking sheet to record the time spent on activities and turn your recorded time in at the end of each calendar month.

All activity sheets are in a PDF format and open with Adobe Reader.  If you need to download Adobe Reader, it is a free download located at .

Bowen Elementary Clay City Elementary Stanton Elementary Powell Middle Powell High
BES Kindergarten CCE Kindergarten SES Kindergarten 6th Grade All High School
BES First Grade CCE First Grade SES First Grade 7th Grade  
BES Second Grade CCE Second Grade SES Second Grade 8th Grade  
BES Third Grade CCE Third Grade SES Third Grade  Encore  
BES Fourth Grade CCE Fourth Grade SES Fourth Grade    
BES Fifth Grade CCE Fifth Grade SES Fifth Grade