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Last Updated: 10/14/2022 4:11 PM

Welcome to the SES SBDM Council web page! Our SBDM Council's regular meeting time is the first Monday of each month at 4:30 in the SES library. All council meetings are open to the public and everyone is invited to attend!

Here is the schedule of meetings we have regularly scheduled for the 2022-2023 school year:

July 5 Agenda Minutes November 7
July 18 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes December 5
July 29 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes January 2
August 1 Agenda Agenda Minutes February 6
August 9 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes March 6
September 5 Cancelled April 3

September 8 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes

May 1
September 13 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes  
October 3 Agenda June 5
October 11 (special meeting) Agenda Minutes  


2022-2023 SBDM Council Members

James Crase- Principal, Chair
Beth Hoffmann- Teacher, Vice Chair
Pam Johnson-Teacher, Secretary
Lisa Gillispie-Teacher
Melissa Jordan-Teacher
Andrew Edwards-Parent


SBDM Council By-Laws

SBDM Policies (Required)
Staff Time
Assignment of Students to Classes and Programs
Schedule of Day/Week
School Space
Emergency Plan
Instructional Practices
Discipline and Classroom Management
Extracurricular Programs
Alignment with State Standards
Parent and Family Engagement

SBDM Policies (Other)
Accelerated Reader
Challenged Materials
Healthy Snack
Homework for Primary Grades
Homework for Intermediate Grades
K-3 Primary
Program Review
Library Selection and Weeding
Title I Parent Compact
Classroom Observation & Meeting Policy
Complaint Policy
Dress Code
Principal Selection
Professional Development
Visitor Policy


For more information regarding SBDM Councils, please visit: