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College and Career Readiness

Powell County High School is working hard to ensure that all students graduate from high school transition ready.  This is done by offering a quality education with rigorous content.  During the senior or junior year, students demonstrate their readiness by meeting benchmark on state and/or national assessments such as the ACT, ASVAB and KOSSA/Industry Certification.


Transition Readiness (high school only)

Attainment of the necessary knowledge, skills and dispositions to successfully transition to the next level of his or her education career.

Elementary and middle schools do not have the Transition Readiness indicator, but building a foundation at these levels is critical to students becoming Transition Ready. At elementary the focus is on a well-rounded education, beginning essential skills and introducing careers. At middle, exploration of career fields and demonstration of essential skills becomes the focus. Academic knowledge and skill attainment is measured under proficiency. Career exploration at middle is reported in opportunity and access.

New proposal, under discussion, is for students to meet a benchmark for a composite score that combines student performance on reading, mathematics, science, social studies and writing and meet attendance criteria.

Percentage of students Transition Ready is the measure for this indicator. Requirements include:

 Graduation (diploma earned)

Foundational essential skills demonstrated with work-based learning experience, service learning or community service and attendance

Readiness for Academic, Technical or Military

Academic-ready – meet benchmarks on college admission exam OR approved dual credit (6+ hours with B or better) OR advanced coursework (e.g., AP, IB, Cambridge) with test benchmark

Technical-ready – meet benchmarks on Industry Certificate* OR KOSSA*, as appropriate, (*approved by the Kentucky Workforce Innovation Board on an annual basis) AND complete approved dual credit (6+ hours with B or better) OR complete 2 credits and enrolled in 3rd in HS Career and Technical Education program of study OR KDE/labor cabinet approved apprenticeship OR KDE-approved alternate process to verify exceptional work experience

Military-ready – meet benchmark on ASVAB (AFQT score of 50) and enlist in a branch of military service

For English learners: Progress on English proficiency assessment