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ACT / Compass


Unit 1: Preliminary Concepts
Section 1: Basic Operations with Integers
·         Free ACT and COMPASS online practice test:
·         Integer Lessons:
·         More Lessons:
·         More Lessons:
Section 2: Defining Properties of Real Numbers
Section 3: Order of Operations
Section 4: Absolute Value
Section 5: Basic Operations with Fractions
Section 6: Conversions To and From Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Section 7: Applications of Proportional Thinking Related To Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
Web Resources - NCTM Illuminations lessons:
Section 8: Applications of Proportional Thinking
Section 9: Cartesian Plane
·         Interactive Cartesian Coordinates:
·         Hit the Coordinates Game:
·         You Tube video explaining coordinate axis:
Unit 2: Simplifying Expressions
Section 1: Exponent Rules and Scientific Notation
Section 2: Simplifying Polynomials
Section 3: Factoring Polynomials
Section 4: Rational Expressions
·         Video lesson from teacher in Sanderson HS in NC—National Bd Certified teacher. Good explanations, including telling students what they need to review.
Section 5: Radical Expressions
·         Lessons:
·         Sample Problems:
Unit 3:One-Variable Linear Equations and Inequalities
Section 1: Solving One-Variable Linear Equations
Section 2: Solving One-Variable Linear Inequalities
Section 3: Solving Absolute Value Equations
Unit 4:Literal Equations and Lines
Section 1: Literal Equations
Section 2: Slope and Rate of Change
Section 3: Graphing Linear Equations
Section 4: Writing Equations of Lines
Unit 5: Quadratic Equations
Unit 6: Systems of Equations
Unit 7:Geometry
·         Games and Activities:
·         Manipulatives:
Unit 8:Supplementary Materials for College Algebra
Section 1: Rational Functions and Equations
Section 2: Radical Functions and Equations

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