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Fifth Grade Library Lesson Plans

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What is the Purpose and Layout of the Library and What are the Rules/Procedures?
Students will tour the library and learn that the library is the place to come for books to read and to find information about things (research).  They will be introduced to rules and procedures  and how they relate to our "Be your BEST" motto. They will see these expectations modeled and will practice them.
Use inside voices
Share/take turns
Take care of materials
Show repect to others
Students will be given assigned seat to aid librarian in identifying students who are both present and absent (for safety and record-keeping purposes).   Age-appropriate transition and modeling strategies will be used.   Students will also learn a quiet/attention strategy, raise hand to speak, hand signal for bathroom emergency.

Orientation - Using a map of the library floor plan, students will review the major sections of the library and what they can find/do there.

What are the responsibilities for book care and checking out books?
Students review knowledge of how to care for a book properly.  Book handling will be modeled for them. Students will practice with books. 
Students will review use of shelf markers and check out procedures.  Students will practice these behaviors as they check out books.  Flexible checkout rules will be modeled and practiced. Bookmarks and library cards will be provided to students.

At this time also discuss Accelerated Reader recognition and STAR test level labels on library books.

What are the procedures and expectations for listening during shared reading/presentations?
Students will discuss procedures to be followed when it is time to listen.  Attention getters will also be used.  Students will learn the procedures for listening to read-alouds/presentations.  Students will be assigned a story corner seat for safety/record-keeping.  Students will practice respect for personal space, quiet listening, raising hand to speak, signal for audience participation, hand signal for bathroom emergency.
Possible Books/Stories Include:
selected chapters from Andrew Clements' chapter books
Technology Skills
Laptop care and use, Internet Safety: info vs. ads, confidentiality, etc.
Shelf Order - E, FIC, and B
Review  Alphabetical Order: ABC assessment, Alphabetical order hotlist
Shelving Challenges Students will be given a challenge task each library visit this month - first challenge is to work as a table team to organize a set of books in shelf order using their spine labels.  Second challenge is to independently  shelve one of the books in their stack and have the media specialist check it for accuracy. A Book by Me in the Library
Shelf Order - Nonfiction
Students will be given shelving challenges with nonfiction in similar progression as those listed in previous lesson.
REVIEW -Search Skills, Part 1 - OPAC 
Students will watch OPAC search skills modeled for them.  They then will be given challenges which require them to use the OPAC to search.  Students will also be shown how to login and view the books that they currently have checked out as well as if they have any overdues or lost books. Book Look Scavenger Hunts.  Students will also learn that they can use this tool to search from their classrooms.  If their teacher doesn't have OPAC on their computer desktops, students may simply request that the LMS come and install it for their use.  Students will be encouraged to practice using this feature before returning to the library next week.  Also see Eggs-panding the OPAC
REVIEW - Search Skills, Part 2 - AR database
Students will learn how to sort quizzes by book level, and by points so they can identify books that are in their ZPD.  They will then be shown how to note the books on a piece of paper so they can use OPAC to locate their call number.  Toggling back and forth between windows will be demonstrated again since it is relevant to the task.  Laptops will be used to practice this skill after it is demonstrated on the digital projector.
September Read Alouds
The Field Guide - Book 1 of the Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony Diterlizzi
September Resources
"Hire" shelvers - shelving tests - FICNF
Alternate lessons:
Collaboration with Social Studies Teacher for Archaeology Day Field Trip - Prehistoric Cultures
Everyday Life in Colonial Times
Advanced OPAC and AR Skills
 Create Book Talks
October Read-Alouds
Skeleton Man,  Ghost Folklore (Scary Stories series)
October Resources
Book Hunt Scavenger Hunts;
Search Tools and Strategies: KYVL, internet directories
Greek Myths and Legends
excerpts from Mary Pope Osborn series, D’aulaire's  book of Greek Myths, May Pope Osborn Book of Myths
Porquoi Tale, digital resources; KET Encyclomedia materials on Greek myths and heros
take notes on a Greek god/goddess and a myth related to them w/out plagiarizing
Word Origins
Use dictionaries (both print and online) to locate words derived from Greek myths
excerpts from Mary Pope Osborn series, D’aulaire's  book of Greek Myths, May Pope Osborn Book of Myths
KET Encyclomedia materials on Greek myths and heros
Note-star, Big6, Noodletools, Summarization in any subject,  Nonfiction Craft Lessons, Summarization in any subject
Alternate activity: Musical Hits for the Holidays
Technology Skills
Creating a Powerpoint
Inserting photos into a document
Powerpoint Author Study
January Read-alouds
The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963
Follow ups to be selected from these resources: Book Club Discussions, Watsons Online Unit, Watsons Webquest1, Watsons NewsQuest
January Resources
Nonfiction Craft Lessons, Summarization in any subject
So you Want to Be President
Create a webposter about a president
February Read-alouds
So you Want to Be President, biographies of presidents, magazine articles related to topic
February Resources
 KYVL, encyclopedia, biography, Webposter
Native American Fiction/Nonfiction Inquiry
March Read-alouds
Gerald McDermott books, Legend of the Indian Paintbrush,  nonfiction resources about Native Americans
March Resources
page bookmarked for students last year (see old pages)
Reading Review
Review genres and author's purposes
Word Attack Review
Play word sorts and other vocabulary games to review word derivation skills (e.g. Greek and Latin prefixes, roots, suffixes), etc.
April Read-alouds
April Resources
Reference Review: Almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedia, thesaurus
Book Hunt
Review information skills before students graduate Bowen and transition to Middle School
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Contact information: Jennifer Francis, Library Media Specialist
 Bowen Elementary School
5099 Campton Rd.
Stanton, KY 40380