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Powell County Schools
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Classroom Procedures

Welcome to Mrs. Anderson’s Language Arts and Social Studies

5th Grade Classroom


My goal is for each of you to reach new academic heights.  Following my rules and procedures will create a pleasant and organized learning environment for all.  This is your last year of elementary, so we will work together to prepare you for Powell County Middle School.  You are going to be held more accountable than ever.  You are responsible for keeping up with teacher expectations.  You can and will do it!  It is time, and you are ready!  Let’s have a great year!


Special Organizational Notes: 


1.  On the first or second day of school you each will be assigned a number.  Remember it, and write it on all your papers along with your name and date.  These numbers will be assigned by alphabetical order at the beginning of the year.  If someone moves leaving an empty number, the next person who moves in will receive that old number.  If there are no vacant numbers, the new student will be given the next consecutive number according to our roster.

2.  The number on your desks matches the numbers on that desk's books.  So, if we find a book, we know where one is missing and where that book belongs.  The letter on your desk lets you know who to join when I tell you to form groups.

3.  Keep up with your bookmark/flip card.  You will need it everyday.


You’ll only have homework if you want it.  I want you to be able to go home and enjoy your friends and family.  You have worked hard in school all day.   If you do not make use of class time, you may have to take some assignments home.  Meeting your AR goal is a requirement. If you do not make use of your time in class ( including mornings, during dismissal, restroom rotations, and when you’ve finished an assignments) you will need to read at home.  Make use of every minute at school.  Hopefully reading at home and meeting your AR goals won’t even feel like work or homework.  Choose books you really want to read  and enjoy that escape.  AR is for a grade.


Your extra materials will be kept in your own personal folder behind my desk.  This will include your extra pencils.  Keep a few pencils in your binder pouch as well. Always have your pencil ready for work.  If you need more, you may re-stock your pouch in the mornings.  If you are out of pencils. you may use the pencil attached to your desk .  I have asked that you purchase .9mm mechanical pencils.  Those pencils do not break easily and mechanical ensures that class is not interrupted by having to sharpen pencils.  If you prefer to use regular pencils, you can.  Just make sure they are sharpened before my class starts, and that must be done at home.  I do not keep a sharpener in my room. 

How many Fingers?

To establish the dream of a peaceful, calming, and cooperative classroom there cannot be people on the floor or  blurting out.  Repeat after me:  I will not be on the floor.  I will not blurt out. The only time to be on the floor is during arrival when you are putting belongings in appropriate places, you are following an AR procedure, or of course, if  I have been given  permission.  I don’t like a lot of unnecessary talking or disruptions.  This will break my little genius’s concentration.  We are all going to follow Ms.Anderson’s fun finger rules for silent communication.   If you need materials, a tissue, restroom/drink, help, or if someone is distracting you, hold up the appropriate finger.  If I do not respond because I am busy, be patient a minute.  If I still haven’t responded, in a talking voice “say” not  "shout" the appropriate number.  I will look up and see what you need.


Hold up…

If you need….


1 Finger

Restroom or drink-Do not take advantage.  I will contact parents if this becomes a habit.  We will have frequent restroom rotations.

2 Fingers

You need a tissue.  Usually I’ll just bring one to you. Hold it or place it on the corner of your desk until my lesson is over then quickly throw it away.  If you know you will need many tissues, grap a ziploc bag and a tissue box from my shelf on the way in.

3 Fingers

You need materials.  Example:  paper, pencil, book, or something I passed out that ran out before it got to you.  Basically, anything you need but don’t have to complete a task.  Just hold up or say “3” and I will figure it out by looking.  No need to tell me.

4 Fingers

This is to be used if someone or something is distracting you.  For example, a noisy reader or a fidgety partner.  Please ask them to stop politely in a whisper voice before holding up four fingers.  Once I see you, point to the person or thing that is disrupting you.  I may be able to figure it out without asking any further questions.

5 Fingers

This is your basic raise your hand.  This means you have a question about an assignment.   Ask a partner first unless it is a test.  Whisper.  Teachers can tell the difference in those students who are whispering about an assignment and those who are just socializing.  Always stay on task.

6 Fingers

You need to see a nurse or go to the office.


Teacher Responses to Fingers


I’ll nod and take care of it for you.

Thumbs Up

You have permission to get up and get what you need.  Most of the time I will get it for you.

Thumbs Down

Your request is denied

Hand out in stop position

Be patient.  Sit still. It’s coming, or I will get back to you in a moment



* In cases of emergency, skip the fingers and do what you must do. 




Okay you are in fifth grade.  Please don’t be a tattler.   Talk to the person annoying you first or move away from them.  If their behavior persists, write me a note and place it on my desk as to not disrupt class.

·        Do not involve me in little spats.  Resolve it yourself or find new friends.  Don’t go around people who bully or have a history of making you want to tattle.  Much of the time an issue can be avoided just by staying away.  A true tattler will look for reasons to tattle.  Don’t be one of those people.  It is obvious to everyone what you are doing, and it looks bad on you.  Be a peacemaker and treat everyone with respect.


Reasons to tattle immediately:  bullying of any kind or destroying property, anytime someone or something is in danger, inappropriate behavior which makes you feel uncomfortable or interferes with your learning


Exiting the Classroom


When we get ready to exit the classroom I will say “lift”.   On this signal quietly “lift” not "scoot" your chair in.  No one wants to hear the annoying racket of chairs rubbing against the tile.   Next, turn and face the door with silence.  When everyone is in compliance, I will dismiss you according to rows.




Entering the Classroom


 Always enter my classroom in silence.  Wait until everyone is in listening position and I am at the front of the room ready to give you my full attention before raising your hand to ask or tell me anything (with the exception of an emergency). A lot of times you want to tell me things in the hall.  As much as I would love to talk, I have to watch the line. 

·         I will frequently announce “ listening position”.  When you hear these words, immediately stop what you are doing and show me respect by closing your mouth, putting your eyes on me, and place hands very still on top of desk where I can see them.  I may ring a bell for listening position.



It is your responsibility to turn in homework, parent notes, or parent forms in appropriate trays.  Do this upon entering the classroom as to not interrupt lessons.  First thing in the morning, put your belongings away, go to breakfast.  You make talk quietly until 7:55.  Then sit down and begin working on AR.  Always be prepared with reading material.  You may follow AR procedures if time permits.





AR Rules

·        Please refrain from taking an AR test in the middle of a lesson or when I am speaking to the whole class.

·        Only take AR test when my daily assignments and tasks have been completed or during designated AR time.

·         I will reward those who meet their goal, but never punish those who do not. However,  this is an on-going assignment and there will be a grade.   should never fail a test.  By now you should know if you understand a book well enough to pass a test.  If you can’t re-tell, summarize, or sequence what you have read, you are not ready.  It is better not take a test than to take one and fail it.  It makes it nearly impossible to meet your accuracy goal. Re-reading is a strategy used by the best readers.  Good readers will catch themselves when they don’t understand something and re-read the passage.  It is normal for your mind to drift, but catch yourself and fix it.  It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you read.  What is important is that you understand and enjoy what you read.  Some of the best readers are the slowest.  

·        Please refrain from standing around someone taking a test.  There should never be anyone waiting in line.  You may use Ipads to take test.  Some of you have far surpass your goal, while others need extra help.  I can assist you  with a formula and a peer helper to guide you. You will recieve a calendar to keep track.  The formula for the number of days to spend on a book is... points multiplied by 1.5.  To know how many pages to read a day/night, take number of pages and divide that by number of days to spend.  There:) You will meet your goal.  Be sure to read at the high end of your level and keep your accuracy up.




Snack and Water


If you would like a snack around 3:00 you will need to bring your own and keep in your backpack until that time.  You may keep a water bottle in the corner of your desk throughout the day.  If you do not bring water bottles, you will be allowed to visit the water fountain after snack, restroom, recess, P.E, illness, or emergency situations.   

* Special note about water bottles:  They are to be kept in the corner of your desk during whole group lessons.  Grab your drinks during independent or group assignments. Not when I’m guiding lessons or talking to you directly. Do not make noise with your water bottles. You will lose your water bottle priveledge if they become a distraction. Thanks 



Classroom Monitors & Procedures

The following is a list of job expectations.  These will change every six week (around report card time).  I promise everyone will get a turn.  Be patient. Sign up for the job you wish to hold.  We will hold a confidential vote.


Leadership Roles


Leadership Roles


The Substitute

  1. If someone comes in to talk to me, I have a phone call, I am recording your grades, or any other situation where my attention is going to be drawn away from the class momentarily, you are to quietly come to the front of the room and take names of those talking, being disruptive or not staying on task.  *Students are to be continuing where we left off.  If an assignment has not been made, students are to read library book or work on homework until I return.
  2. You are responsible for answering substitute teacher questions about our rules or procedures.








You must be leaving late during dismissal.  You will file class work efficiently and accurately.




You must leave late during dismissal.  You will take names and call groups to the restroom.


Must arrive early and stay late.  Shuts down and opens


self- explanatory

Desk Arranger and

Along with the help of others, makes sure desks are kept neatly in rows and according to markers on wall.

Desk Inspector And

Makes sure desks are kept clean inside and around.  Passes out materials for desk cleaning and sanitizing.


 Inspects to make sure students do not put unnecessary items on shelves.  Cleans, straightens, and organizes


Sweeps room. Informs students to clean up around area.


Cleans table and around area


Monitors trash situation in room. Empties and re-bags when full.  Puts both by door at the end of the day.



Boy and Girl restroom Monitors & Restroom Procedures

Follow exiting classroom procedure.  Restroom, drink, and hallway monitors go on to restroom then get into position for monitoring.  Monitors are to make sure all stalls are in use at all times.   Make sure to wash hands and throw away paper towels.   Get a drink as you exit restroom and line up.  Monitor is to clean up at the end and make sure everyone cleans up after themselves. Report anyone misbehaving once everyone is back in the classroom and in listening position.  Do not discuss matters with me  or anyone in restroom or hallways unless it is an emergency.  Wait until we are back into the room. 

 *  Before lunch we will take an extremely quick hand washing break.   Monitors are to make sure everyone washes their hands and that there are two to a sink at a time.  Monitor is to quietly speed things along.  I get cranky when I’m hungry.  I want plenty time to eat, so don’t dilly dally.   There is to be no talking, line up in hallway when finished. 

Hallway monitors

The hallway monitors watch over the class in line as they line up from restroom, specials, or lunch.  They are to ensure students keep their hands to themselves and do not talk.  They will let me know of any problems when we get back to the room and everyone is in listening position.  They may tap you gently in line as a warning to straighten up.  If there is another problem by that same person, they may tell me in the hallway, and you will need to hold my hand during the hallway along with other behavioral consequences.  Hallway monitor 1 will walk slightly to the outside at the end of the line.  Monitor 2 will walk slightly to the outside at the middle of the line.  You both will continue to monitor lunch lines so you will need to be the last in line.  Special thanks for signing up for this one.  It is a very important daily job.  I need very dependable people here.

Door Opener & closer

You will be responsible for letting students and staff in through the courtyard.  You will also be responsible for making sure doors are closed when we enter and exit the building.


Passes out papers and supplies.  Keeps both closets organized.  These people must be trustworthy.  You will also be asked to distribute information and supplies between classes.

4-square ref

 Be fair, honest, and a peace maker.  this will need to be voted on.

21 ref
Playground monitors


 see above









Be responsible.  Lets all work together to ensure a pleasant, clean, organized, and friendly working environment.  I want everyone to want to be here and feel welcome.  Thank you for signing up for these positions and for taking your job seriously.  I really do need your help to make all this happen.



End of Day Procedure:

Last  group puts up chairs.  Stay in your seat with no talking, please.  This isn't to be mean.  I try to give you extra recess and rewards to make up for this.  I want this to be a very relaxing part of the day.  Time for you to reflect, go to your happy place, or better yet...do your homework!  I need this time to prepare for tomorrow and  make sure dismissal goes smoothly and safely.  

Always stay in the line of teacher vision.
Never go behind building or in dugouts.
Keep your hands to yourself.
Be fair and kind.
Show good sportsmanship and character.
Report any kind of bullying
Have fun.
Consequences: loss of recess or after school detention-depending on severity of incident

Final Thoughts


I expect all of you to follow my procedures.  I have designed them so the class will run smoothly and everyone has equal opportunities.  I expect you to be kind to your peers and staff.  I will be understanding if you are thoughtful and truthful.  You may write to me with your concerns.  I want you all to be comfortable and grow as learners and people.  I never wish to embarrass any of you.  If there is a special area of concern for you, let me know, and I will work something out to meet your need.  For example, I will not call on you to read aloud if that is something you feel uncomfortable doing.  I do not want any of you to feel stressed.  I do have high expectations.  Anyone can obtain an A or B who wants one.  I will give plenty opportunities to make-up or "bump up" your scores on assignments, but it will take effort on your part.  Prepare to work hard, but have a great year.  I will always listen to your suggestions for assisting me in helping you.  Thank you for your time and compliance.  Mrs. Anderson