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Powell County Schools
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School Year:
H.S. Credits:
School Name:
Powell County High School
         Course Title:
Computer Technology & Applications
Mrs. Alicia R. Frazier
Grade Level: 9-12
Prerequisite(s): Keyboarding Applications
Course Description
This course is designed for students to use computer and application software including word processing, presentation, database, spreadsheets, Internet, and email to prepare high school documents and reports. The impact of computers on society and ethical issues are presented.
Content Alignment
Technical Content
Learner Activities
Skill Standards
Core Content for Assessment
Academic Expectations
Organizational office design, word processing software, PowerPoint, records management, career opportunities, job interview techniques, employment portfolio, social skills, work-based learning, communication skills, career portfolio, interviewing skills, employability skills
Students will
-Use word processing software to create, save, print, modify, spell-check, and grammar check a simple document.
-Discuss business ethics and area in which businesses are thought to have social responsibility.
-Identify basic word processing software terms, concepts, and ethics
-Identify major types of spreadsheet software.
-Research and analyze career opportunities in office setting field and marketing and the relationship of education, employment, and wages; identify and describe good job search techniques; and prepare the necessary job application tools.
-Identify and explain what is involved in budgeting and demonstrate budgeting and recordkeeping.
-Apply math and communication skills
OA-Perform Administrative Support Functions
-Develop a plan of organizing one’s own work
-Coordinate one’s own work
-Assist others in operating equipment
-Maintain current technical knowledge
-Distribute materials
-Process mail
OB- Demonstrate Communication Skills
EA- Exhibit Workplace Skills
EB- Understands Workplace Issues
AB- Demonstrate Effective Written Skills
Reading (1.2)
Writing (1.11)
Practical Living
2.36, 2.37, 2.38
1.1     Accessing Sources of Information
1.2     Reading
1.3     Observing
1.4     Listening
1.10 Classifying
1.11 Writing
1.12 Speaking
1.16 Using Electronic Technology
2.36 Career Path
2.37 Employable Skills
2.38 Post-Secondary Opportunity Search
2.7 Number
2.8 Mathematical Procedures
3.3 Adaptable and Flexible
3.4 Resourceful and Creative
5.1 Critical Thinking
5.4 Decision Making
6.2 Developing New Knowledge
Materials Used
Microsoft Office 2010, Micro Type Pro 4.0
Century 21: Computer Applications & Keyboarding
A= 90-100                  
B= 89-80                                
C= 79-70                                            
D= 69-60
F= 59 & Below
Students are responsible for pencil, notebook paper, 1 pack of typing paper, and 1 two-pocket folder.
Mrs. Frazier’s Classroom Discipline Plan
Class Expectations/Rules
Classroom Rules
  1. Be respectful to others, equipment, and all furnishings in the room. Show respect to everyone by saying “yes ma’am” and “no sir”, “please” and “thank you”.
  2. Be prepared for class by arriving on time, having all materials needed for class, and in your seat when the bell rings.
  3. Keep cell phones off and out of sight.
  4. Be attentive in class and stay awake.
  5. No eating or drinking in the classroom without permission.
  6. Complete your own work.
  7. Profanity will not be tolerated.
Computer Lab Rules
  1. Never turn a computer off while in operation. 
  2. Never insert or remove a disk from the drive while the light is on.
  3. Make certain CDs are properly placed in the tray before closing.
  4. Never delete anything. Your instructor will clean the hard drives.
  5. Never write on mouse pads.
  6. Keep the keyboard and mouse cords straight and the area clean.
  7. Never change screen savers, desktops, and network settings.
  8. Never save junk on the computer hard drive. If necessary, save it to a disk or flash drive.
  9. Never bring a disk from home or another room without first having it checked for viruses.
  10. When using a computer, after selecting an item or clicking on a selection, wait for the computer to perform this operation before clicking again.
  11. Internet will be accessed at the request of the teacher. No games, music, movies, or inappropriate websites.
  12. If equipment is not functioning at your station, raise your hand for assistance.
Noon break is provided for students exemplifying good behavior throughout the day.
Failure to follow classroom policy and procedures, the following consequences will be enforced:
1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Noon Break Detention
3rd offense: Student/Parent Conference and/or Written Note to Parents
4th offense: Office Referral (Send to Principal’s office)
*The instructor has the right to alternate the order of consequences given based on the severity of the offense.
** Students will also follow all rules outlined in the student handbook.
Mrs. Frazier’s Classroom Procedures
 1.   As you enter the classroom, check the whiteboard for a warm up activity/bell ringer. Retrieve your materials (folder & graded work) at this time so you may begin working. There will always be a time limit for these types of assignments so it is very important to get to class on time.
 2.  The daily class agenda and/or objective will always be posted on the white board.
 3.    I will have a signal to gain the attention of the class. We will decide as a class what the signal will be.
 4.   All students will be assigned a seat for the semester. You are expected to sit in this assigned seat for every class that we meet. 
 5.   Students must always come to class prepared. However, in those rare instances that you are not, ask a neighbor to borrow some supplies. I will always have pencils available that you may borrow. You will not be permitted to leave the classroom to retrieve the items needed for class.
 6.  Students may only leave the classroom with my permission and the hall pass.
 7.   A student who is caught cheating on an assignment will receive an automatic zero and a parent will be
 8.   Graded work will be placed in the “out” tray on the side table. It is your responsibility to pick up your
   graded work upon entering the classroom from the tray each day.
 9.   When turning in assignments, make sure your paper has your name, class period, and date at the top right corner. I cannot record grades for papers that do not have names on them. You will turn in all work in the appropriate “in” tray for your class. If the assignment is make-up, please indicate “make-up” at the top of your paper.
10.  All students must be respectful while the instructor is teaching.    This means that you should be in your seat and listening to the lesson. If you have questions, please raise your hand.
11.  If a student finishes his/her work before others, you must remain quiet until others have completed the assignment.
12.  Students will have the opportunity to retrieve their progress reports on-line each Friday through Infinite Campus. I will attempt to provide each student with a password, but is the student’s responsibility to keep confidential and in a safe place.
13.  Mrs. Frazier will always end the class. Work areas must be clean and all materials must be returned to their proper place before leaving the classroom.
14. Procedures for Makeup Work/Tests
It is your responsibility as a student to make up missed assignment(s). You have three class periods to complete the assignment and turn in for a grade. Failure to do so will result in a zero for the assignment(s). If a student has an unexcused absence, a grade will not be recorded for the make-up work.   However, the student is still responsible for completion of the make-up work to achieve a complete understanding of the content covered in the course. If necessary, students must arrange a time with the instructor to make-up missed assignments.
15.  Attendance Policy/Withdrawal Policy
All students are expected to be in class on time. Students with more than three tardies will be referred to the office as a Level II Violation and will be assigned ISD. The tardy policy is as follows: (1) First unexcused tardy verbal warning (2) Second unexcused tardy break detention (3) Third unexcused tardy two break detentions. More than three is considered a Level II Behavior Violation and will be an office referral.
In order to provide an environment that is conducive to student learning, a classroom discipline and procedures plan is adopted the first day of class and followed the remainder of the school year. Please read, sign below and return this page only (page 4) to Mrs. Frazier.
I have read, understand, and agree to follow the guidelines outlined above for the course. If there are questions, please feel free to contact me via email at alicia.frazier@powell.kyschools.us and/or telephone 663-3320 between 8:05-8:56 am.
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