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Powell County Schools
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Powell County Middle School EBD Syllabus





Frank Spencer





This is a highly structured classroom. A student attending the structured learning classroom needs intensive supports and predictable, consistent routines and structure throughout the school day to engage in learning activities in the following areas: communication, social skills, academic tasks, and behavior management.


  • To assist the students in becoming as independent and successful as they can
  • To monitor the students’ progress toward meeting the IEP goals and to assist the student in successfully completing all courses of study
  • To maintain communication with the student, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and other staff involved with the education of the student
  • To introduce and develop skills needed for learning

Topics to be covered


Academics are taught through Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) and content is based upon the needs of the students. Academic instruction aids students’ access to the general education curriculum.


Specially Designed Instruction


  • Auditory strategies including language structure at the word, sentence, and text level
  • Fluency
  • Meaning strategies including word meanings and associations and precision in word usage
  • Identifying and pronouncing words and reading fluently orally includes: using content clues; visual word recognition strategies including environmental print;
  • Word analysis strategies such as prefixes, suffixes, compound words and word derivations;
  • Decoding strategies such as identifying word families, chunking, point & slide, looking for known words inside words;



  •  Multi-sensory teaching strategies
  • Time delay
  • Most to least prompts
  • Modeling
  • Direct instruction in computation and reasoning strategies, word problem strategies
  • Guided practice
  • Mnemonic strategies
  • Chunking
  • Direct instruction in use of a calculator


Written language

  •  Graphic organizers
  •  Modeling
  • Repetitive practice
  •  Advance organizers
  •  Visual and physical prompts and cues
  •  Small group instruction
  •  Structured approach to sentence writing
  •  Direct instruction in the writing process including: prewriting activities, writing, revising, editing, and publishing
  • Direct instruction in idea development, structural patterns, sequencing, organization, standards of correctness, awareness of audience and purpose
  • Direct instruction in open-response writing, writing-on-demand, transactive writing, personal writing, literary writing, reflective writing, and writing-to-learn (graphic organizers, journals, note-taking)

Social Skills

Manners and positive interaction with others

  • approaching others in social acceptable ways
  • asking for permission rather than acting
  • making and keeping friends
  • sharing toys/materials

Appropriate classroom behavior

  • listening
  • attending to task
  • following directions
  • seeking attention properly
  • accepting the consequences of one's behavior

Better ways to handle frustration/anger

  • counting to 10 before reacting
  • distracting oneself to a pleasurable task
  • learning an internal dialog to cool oneself down and reflect upon the best course of action

Acceptable ways to resolve conflict with others

  • using words instead of physical contact
  • seeking the assistance of the teacher

Mr. Spencer’s Classroom Rules

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect your peers
  • Respect the property and materials
  • Respect all adults
  • Give your BEST effort and LEARN!!!!