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Powell County Schools
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Social Studies
6th Grade Social Studies


Sixth Grade Social Studies –Geography, Civics and Economics


Teachers: Charlotte Bowman      Charlotte.bowman@powell.kyschools.us


Necessary Supplies:

1. 3 -ring binder - ONE inch, HARD Cover

2. Package of 5 Dividers

3. Pencils (May use Black or Blue pen, no other colors)

4. Pack of index cards

5. Composition notebook

6. Colored Pencils

7. Scissors

8. Glue Sticks

**The Composition notebook is for History ONLY and will play an important role in your grade.**

Course Overview:

As citizens of our increasingly global society, few things could be more important than a better understanding of the world in which we live. The Middle School Social Studies curriculum strives to better that understanding for students in many ways. First, Students will demonstrate an understanding of patterns on the Earth’s surface, using a variety of geographic tools (e.g., maps, globes, charts, graphs, satellite images): Second, Students will understand that culture is a system of beliefs, knowledge, institutions, customs/traditions, languages and skills shared by a group of people.  Through a society’s culture, individuals learn the relationships, structures, patterns and processes to be members of the society. Third, Students will understand that the basic economic problem confronting individuals, societies and governments across present day geographic regions is scarcity: as a result of scarcity, economic choices and decisions must be made.

Students in my class will utilize primary sources, class discussions and simulations to gain deeper knowledge into selected topics. They will also, at times, write summaries of topics and present information to their classmates. Reading, thinking, and writing will be done daily

My Role:

As a teacher, my role is to make sure that all of my students have an opportunity to be successful in my classroom. I will always have high expectations regarding their class work and behavior. My mission is to prepare my students to succeed not only at the next level but also in anything that they set out to do. I want each student to be able to believe in themselves and become lifelong learners. I will treat all students with respect. Social interaction among the students will be a priority. I will have fun teaching 6th grade social studies.

Your Role:

Connect historical issues with current issues and your own life. Realize that not all problems have solutions. Recognize individuals who have made a difference in history whether it was positive or negative.  Stay open-minded when looking at other cultures. Respect other people’s judgments and opinions about the past.

Understand how things happen and what changes as a result Comprehend history as a cause and effect relationship. Read and consider different perspectives to fully understand issues.

Social Studies Class Procedures Sheet for Students 2015-2016

Please keep this in the front of your binder

1. How to enter the classroom: Enter quietly and sharpen your pencil if you need to. Have a seat and get your Composition notebook out so that you can copy the I Can statement down for the day. Then immediately begin your Bell ringer which will always be posted at the front of the classroom.

2. Seating:  You will be assigned a seat in this class and   MUST ASK PERMISSION to get out of your seat during class. You must be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. Sharpen your pencils BEFORE the bell rings, not during class.

 3. Turning in Papers: When told to, place papers in your class period’s tray next to the door. Someone will collect homework when it needs to be taken up. If you have make-up or missing work to turn in, please do so as soon as you enter the class on the day you come back to school.

4. Absent:  If you are absent it is your responsibility to get the make-up work. There is an agenda (binder) in the front of the room that will tell you what we did and what assignments you need to make up.

5. Homework: If we do or you don’t complete something given class time to do it will be expected to turn in on the assigned date.

6. When you finish your work early: Work on missing assignments or read your AR book. If you do not have an AR book, then ask me for a book to read.

7. Discussions: Participate! I want to hear what you have to say. Make all questions/comments relevant to the current discussion. We can discuss off topic questions later or you can write it down and give it to me later. Respect everyone’s opinion.

8. Bathroom: Bathroom breaks in class should be extremely rare as you will have times to go to the restroom. You may not leave this classroom without your agenda, no exceptions!

9. Work area: Keep your work area clean. Throw away your trash as you leave.

10. Class Dismissal: I dismiss class. Do not put things up until I release you. You are not released when a bell rings. You will not be late to your next class or in trouble.

11. Substitutes: If your names are left by a sub, you will be written up and serve a detention.  When there is a sub in the room I expect you to be on your best behavior, remember I have been a sub, and I know how you behavior for a sub. And I know what the sub can expect.

12. Visitors/Announcements: Respect is the key term here. This is not an opportunity to talk to your neighbor or friend across the room. I expect you to treat adults in this room with respect and dignity.

13. My Desk: Ask permission for things on my desk. Don’t be behind my desk without my permission.

14. Late Work Procedure: Late work will be accepted with the understanding that each day it is late the student will lose credit. Students with excused absences will have their work accepted late for full credit as long as it is turned in after a reasonable amount of time after they miss. Students must put their make-up work in the trays provided. It is each student’s responsibility to get their assignments for days that they are absent.

15. Make-up Exam Procedure: Make-up tests will not be given during class unless absolutely necessary. There will be designated times for students to make up tests. Changes to this policy may occur with grade and/or school review.

16. Extra Credit Procedure: Students will be given opportunities in the form of extra readings, projects, or assignments in which they can earn extra credit. The amount of available extra credit may differ during each grading period.

17. Phone Procedure: Students may be allowed to use devices during class for research purposes. (When I tell them that they can use their devices, the devices must stay on your desk in view at all times when you are using it.)  However the first time this is abused and the device is being used for something other than the research we are working on, these privileges will be revoked.   And I will send the device to the Office and you will call your parents.

18. Locker Procedure: Students will not be permitted to go to their lockers during class without disciplinary actions (receive a mark). Students are expected to bring class materials when they come to class.

19. AR Book Procedure: Students will be required to read one AR book every grading period. You are allowed to read one sports related book during the school year.

If you ever have any questions about your grade feel free to email me at any time.

Charlotte Bowman

 6th Grade Social Studies



I have read through and understand the content of

 Mrs. Bowman’s social studies class procedures for the 2015-2016 school year.


(Parent/Guardian Signature)


(Student Signature)

Date: __________________

This portion must be returned to Mrs. Bowman as soon as possible. It is the first grade for the first six weeks. The classroom expectations will be kept in the front of their binder.