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Powell County Schools
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Classroom Procedures


Arts and Humanities

Entering the classroom

*Enter the room quietly

*Get your materials

*Go directly to your seat

*Begin work immediately


Entering the classroom during class

*Knock on the door

*Wait to be “waved” into the classroom by the teacher

*Enter quietly

*Go directly to your seat

*Get to work immediately


Getting to work immediately

*Have all your materials

*Begin the bellwork on the board

*If you don’t understand, quietly leave your seat and come to me with your question


Coming to attention

*Look at the teacher

*Stop talking

*Listen for instructions

*Continue working when instructed


Getting materials without disturbing others

*Quietly walk directly to where the materials are located

*Get your materials

*Return directly to your seat

*Continue working


When you need a writing utensil or paper

*Ask for paper from the teacher at the beginning of class

*Borrow paper from a classmate during class


Heading on assignments:

Every paper must have NDC: Name, Date and Class Period:


Brian Wilson


1st Period


Passing in papers

*Pass all papers to the top right corner of your table, stacked neatly in the same direction.



Participating in class discussions

*Wait to be called on

*If you don’t get called on, wait quietly for your turn

*When it is your turn, speak loudly, clearly, and discuss


If you finish early

*Read your AR Book

*Finish any missing assignments from my class only

*Do not work on any other classroom’s work


When given an assignment

*Write the assignment in your agenda

*Ask questions if you have any


End of class dismissal

*The teacher dismisses the class, not the clock or the students

*Put your materials away

*We will dismiss one table at a time

*Exit quietly


Walking in the hallway during class time

*Line-up quietly at the designated spot

*Maintain silence in the hallway out of respect for other classrooms in session

*Stay in the order in which we exit


When visitors are in the classroom

*Continue with your work

*Be polite to the guest, answer questions if asked

*Maintain work if the teacher is called away


If the teacher is out of the classroom

*Continue with your work

*Be quiet, responsible, and mature


When a school-wide announcement or classroom page is made

*Stop talking

*Listen to the announcement

*Then continue working quietly


When you have a substitute teacher

*Follow all procedures the same as if I were there

*If the sub leaves me your name for misbehavior then all punishments are double upon my return

*Be respectful


Saying “thank you, please and yes sir, or ma’am"

*Look the person in the eye who you are speaking to

*Say “thank you” followed by the person’s name

*Being polite is a choice we should all make daily, respecting one another


If you need to use the restroom
*Fill out your agenda
*Wait for an appropriate time and bring the agenda to me to sign
*Do not abuse this privilege



If you are suddenly ill

*If time, ask the teacher for a pass

*If no time, go directly to the restroom

*If you cannot make it to the restroom, please grab the waste basket on your way out

*Report back when you are done, to get a pass to the nurse’s office


Responding to a fire drill

*Exit immediately out of the door and to the right

*Exit the building and start a line with our current class

*Do not waste time, move quickly

*I will take roll outside, so once in line be ready to respond


When you are absent

*You are responsible for missing work

*There is a calendar located in the back of the classroom with your specific grade level labeled on it.  Look at the day on the calendar you missed to locate your missing work.