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Class Procedures

Ms. Conyers Science Classroom Procedures


  1. How to enter the classroom. Have all materials with you for class. Come in and sharpen your pencil if needed. Take your seat and copy today’s agenda. Once you have your notebook, work on the EQ while I check the roster. Be prepared to discuss your answer. Wait for further instruction.


  1. Getting Attention: I will raise my hand and then count down. By the time I reach one everyone should be facing the front, making eye contact, and silent. Raise your hand and wait for me to call on you if you wish to speak.


  1. Turning in Papers: Generally I designate a spot to place papers as you leave the room. Occasionally, I will have to collect them during class. When this happens I will select a color to collect papers and I will collect them at each table or call for them. Make-up and late work should be properly labeled with your name/assignment name and class period and turned in to the labeled bin on my desk.


  1. Homework/Class work: There is no reason that you should not have class work. If you do not have your assignment when I collect them, you need to fill out a card and give it to me when I am collecting the work. Please keep in mind that your work is how you get your grade. I will show administration and parents theses cards if I have meetings, and you will get the appropriate marks as well. I also have contracts for consistent negative behaviors.


  1. When you finish work early: Finish any science work you may have. Read Science AR book. Work on work for another class (ONLY if caught up in Science), Read a Current science article and summarize.


  1. Absentees: Check with tablemates to write down agenda work. See me for handouts or for something you don’t understand. Quizzes and Tests will be made up during Orientation or Break.


  1. Moving around the room: Ask first or stay seated. Hold garbage at your seat and dispose of it at an appropriate time. TWO finger rule.


  1. Bathroom: Raise TWO (2) fingers. When I see you I will nod and you may sign out of the room. Ask to go at an appropriate time and limit requests to 4 per grading term. I consider anything more abuse of your privileges unless you have a Dr. Statement on file.


  1. Work Area: Keep your work area neat and clean. Clean up after yourself so that we can continue to do hands–on activities. Protect class materials and make sure they are returned in proper condition. Stay in your correct ASSIGNED seat unless directed otherwise.


  1. Class Dismissal: I dismiss class, not the bell. I will release you, then you may go to the next class. You will not be late if you follow instructions.


  1. Substitutes: You are to be respectful to all adults and each other. NO EXCEPTIONS. If your name is left by a substitute, you will be written up and serve detention. (1 mark =2 from me)


  1. Drills: *Fire (door by 8th Bathrooms)

*Tornado( hallway by my door- avoid windows)    

*Earthquake (under your table)         

*Lock Down (boys- sink to file cabinet, girls- file cabinet to demo desk/NO talking)


  1. Visitors/Announcements: Respect should be shown – This IS NOT an opportunity to talk! Quiet during announcements. Stand for Pledge.


  1. Hallway Behavior: You are to line up with one foot in the gray. Leader should wait before turning corners. You are NOT to talk in the hallway. It is disruptive to other classes and as 8th graders you are to set a POSITIVE example.


  1. Journals: A good deal of your grade will come from things you do in your Journal. You need to keep it neat and orderly and NEVER take another person’s journal. Entries need to be dated and you are to write the DATE, the QUESTION, and  an ANSWER. I do not care if it is a guess, but please attempt it before the class discussion. You may put multiple entries on a page, just be sure to put lines or squiggles between entries and Date each one clearly! I will not grade sloppy or disorganized journals



R-E-S-P-E-C-T Rules

R- Raise your hand to talk

E- Expect to be a success

S- Speak respectfully to others

P- Protect class materials

E- Earn your grades

C- Come to class prepared

T- Turn all work in complete and on time