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Powell County Schools
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About Grades

Explanation of Mrs. Anderson’s Gradebook

I will be taking grades for four subject areas.  The majority of the structure of this class is centered around inquiry, research, discussion, and written responses.  I truly believe that we learn from each other.  Most assessments are written responses, but I only take grades on the final products. This ensures that each of my students receives adequate and equal exposure to the standard being measured.  Because so much of what we do is guided instruction where students feel free to question and take risks through the learning process without the fear of constantly being scored, there will not be an overwhelming number of grades recorded for each of my subject areas. 


  • The bulk of the reading grade will be determined by our AR program.So, “YES” AR is an important ongoing assignment…and what a great assignment it is!!! YOU get to choose the books you want to read and read on your own level! No one makes you read something of which you have no interest! No one makes you read something too difficult or uninspiring! Awesome!!! Based on your goal setting, you will receive an accuracy grade (what you are scoring on your comprehension test), a point grade (percentage based on how close you were to meeting your goal; basically, how much you read), and a book level score.For the book level score, you want to at least make sure you are choosing books in your range.So if your reading level is a 3.0-3.7.You don’t have to read a (5.0) to receive an “A” because that is out of your range.You can read at the average of 3.3 and receive an “A” for range because you are reading at the mid to high end.However the goal here is growth.If you’re reading range right now is below 5.0 than you are reading below grade level.Make it a goal to increase your level each six weeks to reach or surpass grade level. If you entered my class at a 5.0, your work is not complete.The minimum goal is for everyone to jump at least two grade levels in reading by the end of the year!

  • Some terms will have additional scores in reading based on how well students analyze elements of a text.Some terms we focus more on Social Studies, so AR and participation may be the only grades in reading for that six weeks.


Language Arts

  • Students’ written response grades will be recorded in this category.They will be scored according to rubrics.It is important that students respond to prompts/questions clearly, accurately, and completely. These will be questions across content areas. Therefore one assignment may receive two grades.One grade may be for Social Studies based on accuracy.The other grade for that same assignment will be based on how well it was written and be recorded under Language Arts.

  • There will be occasional grades for grammar in this subject category, but most grammar instruction will be integrated through our writing assignments.

Social Studies

  • Not only do we read and write in Social Studies, but we investigate through computer searches, books, video clips, games, and manipulatives.This takes time and much of these historical concepts are very new to students.The recorded grades will be written assignments, but we do extensive practice and research before we are test ready. Expect 3-6 grades in this category a term.



  • This is the category where I place the scores of the essay type writing pieces. This is the only category where you shouldn’t panic if you see a “D”.That stands for distinguished which is the top writing score attainable.P is for proficient and that is where we must be. “A” in writing stands for apprentice and that means we have some work to do.Novice is unacceptable, and we have a lot of work to improve.These writing assignments are the most extensive and require large blocks of time. Expect 1-2 grades in this category a term.


Even though we do not have numerous grades recorded for each category, we will be working hard every day. You will enjoy this class, and I will be there to help.  You will also receive a few participation grades along the way.  This is your grade for being actively engaged in all the activities we do in class, remaining positive, and giving your best effort.


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